RUSH Technologies’ Fast Track Program Boosts SME Sales by 62%

Digital business solutions provider RUSH Technologies has achieved a remarkable milestone with its Fast Track Business Acceleration Program, resulting in a 62% sales growth for participating merchants.

The program, aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), demonstrates RUSH’s commitment to nurturing a prosperous digital business landscape.

Fast Track by RUSH, hosted at The Globe University in Mandaluyong from August to October 2023, supported over 100 representatives from 40 brands.

It offered reduced-cost access to RUSH’s eCommerce solutions and free educational sessions by industry experts. These sessions covered vital areas like branding, digital marketing, customer engagement, and financial management, providing a mix of technology support and expert knowledge.

This initiative, in partnership with The Hapag Movement and others, played a crucial role in digitally transforming SMEs, helping them achieve substantial business growth.

Jeffrey Alejandrino, COO of RUSH, emphasized the importance of guiding SMEs in utilizing digital tools effectively, not just providing a platform. The program’s comprehensive training aimed to fast-track SME growth, equipping them with skills typically acquired over years.

Participants also experienced real-world application opportunities, such as a pop-up bazaar at the Globe Tower, where 10 selected merchants matched their average monthly orders in just two days. The program fostered a strong community spirit, with merchants sharing challenges and learnings, leading to a valuable exchange of best practices and mutual support.

RUSH’s Fast Track program reflects its dedication to empowering entrepreneurs with the necessary technology and knowledge for sustainable success. It aligns with the Hapag Movement’s empowerment goals, benefiting its participants as well. With the program’s conclusion, RUSH continues to offer its all-in-one eCommerce platform and digital solutions to aid business growth.

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